An Exotic Gastronomy

The South Californian cuisine is characterized by exotic and delicious seafood dishes, mainly due to the extensive fishing that takes place in the entire state. Lobster, lenguado, scallop, clam and shrimp are some varieties that you can enjoy prepared in splendid recipes.

Typical condiments used in Baja California Sur that add a special flavor to local dishes are oregano and damiana. There is also liqueur produced from the sweet taste of this wild plant which is said to have aphrodisiac properties. It is recommended to accompany a fine dinner or with a liqueur made of dates or even grape wine.

The local cuisine includes traditional dishes such as shredded beef “machaca” marinated in aromatic herbs, different species of clams prepared in a variety of ways such as breaded, pickled and stuffed. Imperial shrimp steak, stuffed shrimp, lion claw scallops, fresh cheese and fresh flour tortillas.

The regional sweets are represented by jelly preserves such as guava jelly (guayabate), mango (mangate), and pitahaya (pitahyate) not forgetting the famous preserved date fruit, green papaya and figs in syrup, dried fruits such as figs and mango. Empanadas with cheese, jelly and sweet beans, egg bread, and French toast are just some of the region’s pastries.

On the coast or in the city, seafood dishes, fresh shrimp cocktails, and fine cuts of red meat can be found on menus of various restaurants. Thanks to the large number of tourists who visit this region every year, we of course offer a wide variety of establishments specializing in Italian, French , Chinese, and Japanese cuisine, to name a few. On your next visit we invite you to try our delightful cuisine and treat your palate to the delicious dishes offered in Baja California Sur.cuadrofinal

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