Grey Whale

Giants of the marine world, fantastic animals in an unsurpassed state of amusement, with any bit of luck, these whales will approach to greet the curious, poke their heads, observe, follow the boats, spray viewers, jump and raise their proud majestic tail.

The adult specimen measure up to 15 meters and weigh up to 30 tons, while the calves are born measuring between 4 and 5 meters with a weight of 750 kilograms. Once the connection between the vessel and a whale has been established, the journey becomes as a trip among friends that is enriched with spectacular south Californian sea and desert landscape, where one can also admire other marine species such as turtles, dolphins and sea lions, along with migratory birds such as herons, ducks and gulls.

The Grey Whale has traveled for thousands of years more than 16,000 kilometers to initiate and complete its reproductive cycle in the coastal lagoons of the Pacific Ocean in Baja California Sur. Every year, they begin their journey from the Arctic Circle, through the coasts of Alaska, Canada, northern United States and California, down to our warm, shallow waters to mate or bear their calves.

The winter tour of these large mammals is an opportunity to interact with them in an unforgettable experience. From early December to April, experts tourist service providers, transport the thousands of tourists who come to see the unique natural spectacle offered by the whales.cuadrofinal

In this splendid journey, children, and adults of every age group can interact with them!

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