The physical, topographical and geographical features of Baja California Sur, along with its natural wealth and endemic flora and fauna, make it a special and mystical challenge for hikers. Going into its desert, its islands and mountain ranges is a unique experience that allows you to contemplate interesting places like missions and cave paintings sites. Besides, the scenery is unrivaled.

Los cabos
  • Santiago/Sierra de la Laguna
La Paz
  • Todos Santos/Sierra de la Laguna
  • Espíritu Santo Island
  • Balandra
  • Magdalena Bay
  • Los Comondús (San Miguel and San José)
  • La Purísima and San Isidro
  • Sierra de Guadalupe
  • San Javier
  • Cañón de San Borja
  • The Three Virgins Volcano
  • Sierra de San Francisco