The South Baja Pacific and some beaches of the Gulf of California are well known for their adrenaline-packed waves. Perfect surf spots that have turned many of our beaches into meeting points for surfers around the world.

Many beaches in Baja Sur are popular among bold surfers for the favorable water temperature, the warmth of the locals and the exciting roads that lead to sparsely populated locations like San Juanico in Comondú, famous for having the world’s longest waves, or the camping site at Magdalena Bay.

If you love this kind of thing, don’t miss the World Surf League’s Los Cabos Open of Surf which happens every year, gathering the best professional surfers and new generations of men and women who love Baja Sur.

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Los cabos
  • Monuments
  • Zippers
  • La Bocana
  • Shipwrecks
  • Acapulquito
  • La Roca
  • El Tule
  • La Pastora
La Paz
  • Pescadero
  • Cerritos Beach
  • San Pedrito
  • Magdalena Bay
  • San Juanico / Scorpion Bay