Loreto Loreto History of sea and desert

Municipality of Loreto

Loreto, the favorite destination of national and foreigners alike for cultural and recreational tourism, located 151 km from Ciudad Constitucion and 361 km from the city of La Paz, can be reached from the north via the trans peninsular Highway or by plane to the international airport located in Nopolo, 5 kilometers from Loreto.

This town was named Pueblo Magico (Magic Town) in 2012 by the Federal Ministry of Tourism for its great richness and history, it offers visitors various festivals throughout the year, visiting this destination will bring you closer to the culture of its residents and you will be amazed by the work done by missioners as the first mission of the peninsula. Do not miss the opportunity to become acquainted with Loreto, it is not difficult to reach, come visit us.

Loreto Magic Town

At the heart of the peninsula of Baja California Sur, Loreto is located. One of the most amazing tourist destinations of Mexico. Offers nature and culture an ideal space to flatter and surprise visitors. Cradle of Western civilization on the peninsula of California, Loreto was the broadcast center of Jesuit and Spanish culture in this desert portion of Mexico. From there, the long journey of evangelization and the civil settlement of Baja and Alta California, you will find notable examples of mission architecture in Loreto and the surrounding area.

In addition to its historical significance, Loreto offers visitors stunning natural landscapes, islands with a diversity of endemic flora and fauna. Also, underwater life in Loreto is rich in contrasts, from the blue whale watching, as well as diving in its Marine National Park.

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