Mulegé Mulege Land of ancient beings

Municipality of Mulege

This town is located north of the state, 493 km from La Paz, 283 km from Ciudad Constitucion, to be precise; it is the last municipality in Baja California Sur from south to north and has become the main port of the peninsula region for its economic activities.

To reach this destination you can arrive by land if you so choose, where you can see for miles around you up and down the peninsula the contrast between sea and desert is a majestic experience, whether accessed by transpeninsular highway north or by sea through the port of Santa Rosalia and continuing along the Trans peninsular highway to reach Mulege.

Having chosen to reach this town by land will be one of the most pleasant trips of your life, because you will be able to see each of the treasures that the State of Baja California Sur offers its visitors.

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