Can you imagine a colonial town next to the Gulf of California? An oasis surrounded by one of the most impressive mountain ranges of the peninsula, with a remarkable stone temple in the middle of nothing? Only in Loreto can you witness the determination of the Jesuit missionaries who colonized these arid lands.

Loreto is the first capital of the Californias, a Magical Town which relaxed lifestyle and warm people will charm you. At its bay, a true marine universe awaits you: the fantastic blue whale, the largest whale in the world, lives on the waters of these islands of unaltered beauty. Such islands form the second largest marine park of Mexico. Take a dive and experience a fascinating world.

Discover the place where California was born and missionaries left proof of their perseverance and hard work in the missions they erected, the fruit orchards they planted, and the irrigation system they developed, which continues to work after hundreds of years. You can also find the oldest olive tree in the whole peninsula. Visit and experience Loreto!