Do you enjoy nature? Do you like to discover new places and its secrets? Mulegé is for you. A simple place with no luxuries, but with many treasures to discover: witness 10,000-year-old cave paintings at a large scale, protected by a practically untouched mountain range; magnificent oases that surround incredible mission sites, and a French town lost in the desert.

Everything here, at the northernmost side of the state, is untainted and raw, and you can feel the immensity of nature under a million stars.

On top of that, Mulegé has a small church designed by Gustav Eiffel and it’s one of the few places where you can spot the majestic bighorn sheep in its natural habitat. You can also interact with gray whales at lagoon complexes which are World Heritage Sites; conquer large volcanoes; navigate legendary bays, discover the footprint of the very first men in America and taste the most delicious fresh seafood, especially lobster and abalone. Come and fall in love with Mulegé!