Cave Paintings

Imagine how exciting it is to walk through a canyon and find a petroglyph made thousands of years ago by the very first settlers of America, the same who walked across the Bering Strait to find a new land. Historians believe that these first Americans arrived at the peninsula and managed to establish an incredible communion with nature.

And if you think that’s amazing, learning more about cave art directly at the Sierra de San Francisco is an even more fascinating experience. Four-meter tall paintings in red and black reflect the magical-religious thinking of our ancestors and their relationship with their environment. Proghorns, bighorn sheep, hares, serpents, pumas, reptiles, hands and human figures are some of the great representations painted over 10,000 years ago at an astonishing cave framed by the mountain range overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

To visit this site, a tour guide is mandatory. We suggest to visit from October through May.