An area of 114, 600 hectares makes it one of the most abundant marine ecosystems on the planet. The abundant nutrients of its waters favor the reproduction and development of a great variety of marine species. Turtles, dolphins, sea lions and migratory birds are just some of the fantastic animals with which you can swim or dive. The gray whale, up every year to the bay, in the ports of San Carlos and López Mateos, from where it can be seen and live with this amazing species. An unparalleled adventure.


A paradise for lovers of hiking and mountain biking. A spring of high palms and leafy trees, a magical stream and pools. Unique landscapes to travel and enjoy. Feel the fullness of the desert surrounding the green oasis. The spectacular panorama includes the beauty of El Pilón hill, whose figure was considered by the missionaries as a divine sign to found the mission in their skirts.


If you like nature, explore and discover the most incredible surprises that the desert keeps, nothing better than going through this corner hidden in the heart of the Sierra de la Giganta. San José and San Miguel de Comondú are the villages separated by three kilometers of palmar. Enjoy its glen, petroglyphs, cave paintings, basaltic prisms and the vestiges of ancient missions. A favorite of those who love adventure tourism.


Located 53 kilometers from Ciudad Constitución is what was a mission, an old hacienda, a military barracks and a cemetery; Today is a perfect tour to explore the history of the desert missionaries.


One of the favorite meeting points for surfers from all over the world is hidden in the South Californian Pacific. A paradise in which one of the longest waves in the world is found. San Juanico is a bay of great beauty that has the magic of unaltered nature: birds, sea lions, turtles and endless marine species.